Serenity Shipped

A semester long project encompassing the process of entrepreneurial business development, management, and implementation. The course focused on these topics as well as a variety of aspects in relation to the marketing and management realm in the multimedia industry.

Choose the perfect Box

A monthly subscription box filled with products for peace and serenity.



Per month

  • Essential Oils
  • Candles
  • Stress Balls
  • Planner/Notepad
  • Monthly Tip/Quote
  • Head Massager
  • Succulent



Per month

  • Face Masks
  • Candles
  • Bath Bombs/Salts
  • Eye Mask
  • Monthly Tip/Quote
  • To-Go Mug
  • Lip Balm



Per month

  • Tea
  • Candles
  • Lavender Spray
  • Chocolate
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Monthly Tip/Quote
  • Book

Executive Summary

"Relieve stress with a box of serenity"

Serenity Shipped is a monthly box subscription that can be delivered right to your home to instantly brighten your day. You can order different boxes designed for stress-relief, happiness or self-care. Boxes can either be sent to your house on a monthly basis or sent to someone else once as gift. As college students, we live an on-the-go and budgeted lifestyle. We wanted to create an affordable way to maintain stress levels and boost our moods on a daily basis. With Serenity Shipped, we believe that providing a box full of small pieces of joy and stress relievers will help to support and maintain a positive and stress-free lifestyle.





We are targeting anyone from the age of 20-40. Because a majority of this age group are digital natives and grew up with technology, an app and website for this audience would be appropriate. Technology is growing within the digital age we live in and subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular. This age group from 20-40 nowadays is more likely to shop online rather than go to actual stores. Because of this, subscription boxes are a great way to receive pre packaged items rather than having to determine what you want for yourself.

1 %

Time spent by Millenials and Gen Xers shopping online each week in comparison to older generations. 

1 %

Amount of women accountable for box subscriptions compared to men who are most likely to have 3 or more active subscriptions.  



Therabox is considered a “one-of-a-kind self care subscription box”. Similar to Serenity Shipped, they have different box options (happiness, relaxation or inspiration) as well as different plans (month to month, 3-month prepay, 6-month prepay or 12-month prepay). Their main goal is to inspire happier lives through practical joy-boosting activities and self-care products. Therabox will definitely be considered the biggest competitor.


Calmbox is also very similar to both Serenity Shipped and Therabox, but they seem to focus more on only “calming” products and they also do not have any options for different plans. Calmbox finds a new theme every month (meditation, stress relief or mindfulness) and delivers the same box for $35 a month. However, While Therabox is big on branding through social media, Calmbox focuses on reviews from their subscribers and statistics.


Unlike Serenity Shipped, Therabox or Calmbox, Hello Sunshine is a book subscription company founded by celebrity Reese Witherspoon. The company is focused on celebrating female storytelling. There is an option to become part of the Hello Sunshine book club where you receive the book of choice each month via hard copy, audio, etc. The branding and marketing from this company are very modern. They have the option to get their subscribers and book club members involved is by having an option to submit their own stories and “share their voice”. They look for 500-word or less essays on subjects that matter to women and each month, the company picks one submission to display on the website. This is a different form of involvement and branding that is not seen in any other of the competing companies.