Graphic Design

MVF Global Internship

CSR Social Event Poster

Application used: Adobe Illustrator

As an intern at MVF Global, I was in charge of interactive design, user research, and user experience design. My responsibilities within these teams varied. At the end of the semester I was given the opportunity to design a poster for one of the upcoming social events. 

Design Objective: Design a bold, fun, and engaging poster that includes the following details. 

  • CSR’s Bingo Bonanza 
  • Wednesday 18th April, from 5:30, first round kicks off at 6pm 
  • Where: Susan’s Cafe
  • Bingo Tickets available at the door 
  • Drinks being sold 
  • Prizes worth up to £200 
  • All profits go to Castlehaven 

Foundations of Visual design

Magazine Project

Applications used: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign

This course was designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop basic skills and understandings to support upper-level courses within the School of Media Arts and Design. Topics included an introduction to design principles (including: color theory & typography), an introduction to graphic production for print and the Web, and print design and production.

This project was created with all three of the provided applications. We were required to design a magazine cover and table of contents using our growing knowledge of design elements.

Foundations of Visual Design

Brochure Project

Applications used: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 

This project was created for incoming freshman students at James Madison University. The brochure was to include everything a student must know about bike safety on campus. 

When designing this project, I chose to incorporate elements of design that would relate to the school colors, elements of safety, and other features that would draw towards my target audience. 

Visual Literacy

Infographic Project

Applications used: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator 

For this project we had to  create an infographic that explains how we process visual information. For this assignment, I used statistics on learning, information on how the brain processes visual information, information on dual coding theory, and information on information processing theory.

I then brought together a captivating story that uses data, graphics and images to explain how our brains process visual information. By going through this exercise, I obtained a greater understanding of the learning theory, how to use infographics to depict data, and how to tie in design principles into my work. 

Visual Literacy

Poster Design Project

Applications Used: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

The purpose of this Poster Design Project was to provide our class with the opportunity to practice newly developed visual communication skills. 

I considered how the shapes, color, type fonts, contrast, size of elements, and page layout affect a viewer’s perception of information. One of the most beneficial parts of this course was peer reviews and feedback. If I did not have the feedback of my peers, my project would most likely not have been my best work.