About Me

Hi again. My name is Madison Russo-Bradley. I am currently a Senior at James Madison University studying Media Arts and Design, with a concentration of Interactive Design. In other words, I focus on the delivery of content via multiple media formats such as text, images, audio, video, and interactive websites. I am involved in content creation and distribution using diverse communications media.  

I have a passion for User Experience, graphic design, and overall digital content creation that will help implement consistent concepts across multiple platforms.

I am also minoring in Educational Media and British Communication and Media. Educational Media has helped me to develop important problem solving skills and understand the best ways to implement digital solutions in everyday life. 

Semester in London

I was one of 28 students on this program. We have traveled around the United Kingdom in particular, but I also visited about 8 other countries within the semester. I love adventure and used this passion to explore the world.

While in London, I took four classes focused on British Communication and Media studies and had a 3 credit User Experience internship. I worked alongside some of the best talent in the digital field of London with the company, MVF Global, and used my previous experiences within and outside the classroom to thrive in the fast pasted, hard-working company.